About Shopolympic

      The founder of Shopolympic is Armen Kazaryan (Ghazaryan)

  • Master of Sports of International Level (A Russian-Soviet term)374208_243206815736605_2001451292_n.jpg
  • Eight times Champion of the Republic of Armenia (1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005)
  • Two times Champion of Russia (2008, 2010)
  • World Champion among Juniors (aged under 21) in 2001
  • Vice-Champion of the World 2010 
  • 2004 Athens Olympian, showed the 4-th result
  • Participated in the competitions in the following categories: -56, -62, -69 kg




When founding SHOPOLYMPIC Armen Kazarian gathered the best specialists. The main aim of the shop is to provide the sportsmen with all the needed accessories for comfortable trainings and confident performance at competitions. We choose our products taking into account professional athletes' point of view.

Our principle is achieving client's 100% satisfaction on all the services we provide. We value each and every detail, we take care of all the processes from the very first contact of a client to the moment of purchase and feedback left by him/her.

ShopOlympic provides individual attempt to a sportsmen and to a client. We are not satisfied with our service untill our client is satisfied with his/her purchase.

SHOPOLYMPIC specialists are highly qualified in the sporting goods' sphere and their experience together with your taste will help you choose the most suitable and valuable accessories for your trainings. 

Your point of view has exceptional value to us. Your suggestions and propositions will help us make our services better.

For advices and with suggestions you may write to Davit Sargsyan (manager) or to Armen Kazaryan (the head https://www.facebook.com/WWChampion) using the following emails respectively: sargsyan@shopolympic.ru и kazaryan@shopolympic.ru.