Payment and Delivery

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Placing an order:

  • Add items to the cart
  • Mention the data of receiver of the parcel with full postal address. Depending on this information the shipping price and the delivery dates will be calculated.
  • Mention the correct email address and phone number.
  • Check all the data. 
  • Choose the delivery method.
  • Choose payment system and complete the order. You will get the tracking number of your parcel on the email mentioned.

Personal data of a customer.

  • During the checkout process the client provides the following information: First name, Last name, email address, phone number, the address of the delivery.
  • Seller uses the information only for making the delivery possible. The seller doesn't have the right to publish client's personal information except the cases when the data is given to the companies making payment and delivery possible and when it is demanded by the law.
  • The seller is not responsible if a client leaves his/her information on the website publicly. 



Delivery is available after 100% payment. 

Payment methods available: 

With debit card using Paypal express checkout (online), comission - 0%

       Secure payments with the help of   


  • When choosing this variant You will be automatically forwarded to the PayPal payment-form, where you will be able to pay through Paypal using your Paypal balance or the balance of your Credit or Debit card (visa, maestro, MasterCard, American Express etc.). You will also be able to create a paypal account right during the payment process and tie it with your account Visa, Maestro, MasterCard Or American Express.

  All the data you enter on PayPal payment system are completely secure according to the PCI DSS security requirements. We get information only on cleared payment.

  • You will get an email about the authorization of payment on the email address mentioned by you. 
  • Right after completing the payment process you will be forwarded to our website. 
  • The information about your payment will reach us from 5 seconds to several minutes. If you think a problem occured during your payment process, please, email us at once. 
  • After you pay we get notification from PayPal stating that the order is paid and, within 3 business days, your parcel will be passed to the postal service. After this it (the parcel) will be sent to the address you mentioned while filling in your personal data. You will get an email with the tracking number.

In case of any problems with payment of the order in the payment system, you can contact with support center of the PayPal payment system by phone 8-800-333-2676. Payment by plastic card is carried out without commissions. In case of cancellation of the order, the money will be returned to your card in accordance with the return policy.


Our online store provides delivery to all regions of Russia and CIS. The delivery is carried out from the United States by the United States National Postal Service (USPS), services of USPS PRIORITY INTERNATIONAL (regular/usual international departure ) or USPS EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL (accelerated international departure).

Delivery dates 

На ваш e-mail будет выслан номер вашего отправления при передаче товара с нашего склада на склад USPS. 

The delivery time is from 15 to 45 working days depending on the region and the selected postal service (USPS Priority International or USPS Priority Mail Express International). You can check the delivery status of the order on the website  or  by the unique number of your shipment. Number of your departure will be sent to your e-mail when we transfer the goods from our warehouse to the USPS warehouse. All parcels are insured in an obligatory order.

When receiving the parcel      

After the parcel arrives at the destination, if this is an accelerated  departure, then the courier EMS Mail will contact you and clarify the time of delivery convenient for you, if this is the usual departure , you will receive a notification from the Russian Post that the parcel has arrived at the place of delivery by the postal code that you indicated when placing an order. The goods will be given to you or to persons indicated on the order form upon presentation of an identity document.
If the recipient of the order is a legal entity, in that case for receiving an order it is need  a power of attorney from the payer organization, properly executed, is required to receive the order.

Attention! Delivery couriers are employees of third parties (shipping operator companies) and are not authorized to represent interests of LLC NUR to the buyer, namely: to carry out/verify the quality of goods, provide expert assessments or make any other actions on behalf of LLC NUR ".

When receiving the parcel you need to: 

  • Check the box for presence of damage.
  • If the package is not broken (no traces of opening, damage, etc.) open the box, inspect the goods, check the completeness. Sign in the waybill, in the application and on the sales receipt. This will be a confirmation that you have delivered the goods of the proper quality (the check lies inside the box and remains with you as proof of purchase).  

If you have a claims:

  • The courier or operator is required to describe in the waybill all damage of the package, damage / incompleteness of the goods, and then draw up the Act of Acceptance  in 3 copies.
  • If the package is intact, and the goods themselves have visible damage or not completed, you should indicate in the waybill that no damage has been found to the package, but you refuse to receive the goods.
  • In the act it is necessary to describe the damage /incompleteness of the goods. 
  • After that, the courier picks up the goods for return. 
  • In case of such a situation, you should immediately notify to online store and send to our address a copy of the abovementioned act for return of goods or replace it with another one.  
  • Any damage of package may entail in damage to the product or incompleteness. 

 Together with the parcel you will get: 

For individuals - a sales receipt.

Exchange and return of goods:
The service is distributed a standard exchange and return procedure of goods.An information about exchange and return rules you can find here. In the case of an exchange or return of the goods under warranty, the delivery of the goods from the client to the warehouse of online store is at the company's expense. In the case of an exchange or return of goods for motives and reasons not related to the warranty obligations, delivery of the goods to the warehouse of online store is carried out at the expense of the buyer.

Have a nice shopping!

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