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Nike HyperKO boxing boots are one of the best boxing boots on the market. This is partly due to their unique design, but especially due to their functional qualities, which will take your sporting performance to the next level. Nike HyperKO boots are designed for amateur and professional boxers in all weight categories.

Thanks to their design and material, Nike HyperKO boxing boots are incredibly lightweight and airy. These boxing boots are designed using a combination of solid and mesh materials, ensuring that the foot stays at the ideal temperature and is also firmly gripped. Boxing involves a lot of movement and demands great stability, and even the slightest error can be punished. Nike HyperKO boxing boots are designed with this in mind; the buckle at the front grips the foot firmly and will not come loose even when making a rapid attack. The unique ventilation system prevents excess perspiration and also keeps the foot at the optimal temperature. This means there’s nothing stopping you from giving it your best!  

Limited series

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